My personal, short sports history

The sport was always a central part of my life, I used to do athletics and play soccer in high school. At university, sports became less important, less focused, so I usually ran, or rode the bike at most twice a week, or so, but not even close to a planned regularity. When I turned ~28, running found me again, trained 5 times a week at an amateur level, and participated in a lot of races.

Medals Some medals acquired between 2017 and 2019

My best official half marathon time was 1:37:45.

Covid situation

After I lost a lot of weight in December 2019 due to hospital reasons (not covid), my primary focus was to build some muscles (and fat) back. After half a year, I was back at my normal weight, but unfortunately I couldn’t stop there. Covid didn’t push me to move more, to put it mildly, and while eating and staying at home continued, proper opposite pole, exercising couldn’t be part of my daily routine.

Weight changes in last year Weight changes in last 12 months (X: months, Y: kg)

I am not satisfied, not only with my increased paunch but my cardio and general physical strength either.

What are my goals?

Very simple: improve fitness, make sports daily routine again, and participate in the WizzAir Budapest running race on 29th August 2021 (10k or 21k distance, doesn’t really matter, frequent exercising is the only mandatory expectation).

Plan to deliver

First and foremost: change starts right now. I pulled my Polar v800 watch from the bottom of the drawer, charged it, changed the battery in the H10 HR sensor, and put the training plan together with Polar Flow. Optionally I may complete exercises with Freeletics workouts, which I really like, and have experience in it with more than 1100 training in my muscles.

Training plan First month of HR based training plan

Wish me luck and fortitude! Follow and join me on Strava, if you want, and achieve results together!

Progress so far

Later I plan to summarize my weekly progress below.

Week #1

Week 1

Trainings were easy and introductory. My HR rised so fast, therefore during low-HR jogging I had to walk a lot. My body needs to get used to sports again, but I’m glad first week’s over, waiting for next steps curiously.

Week #2

Week 2

Getting better, but received second Pfizer-vaccine, which knocked me out, so I had to skip Sunday training. I am almost pretty sure, that Monday will be skipped, too, due to the very same reason. :(

Week #3

Week 3

Monday was skipped as mentioned. We were on holiday at the whole week, travelled to the lake Balaton, but trained almost every single day, and on Saturday I had the opportunity to go for a fantastic bike ride. My weight did not change so far, so I have to focus on my candy consumption as well. :)

Week #4

Week 4

An eventful week with extra biking and hiking activitied compared to the plan. I enjoyed it!