A bit more than 1 month ago I bought a Polar V800 watch with hr sensor, because I liked to track all my activites on a professional way. I have been training regularly since July of 2014, so after 5 months I thought I could afford and would not regret it. Review will be posted later.

Polar v800 watch Photo by Engadget

For this great watch, Polar announced a major upgrade, which will contain smart watch notifications. Great news! Sooner I was thinking about Apple Watch as well, but had to drop that idea, because it will not be able to use gps without phone (no built-in chip), and I usually don’t carry mobile in my pocket or armband. Now I am really glad about the decision I’ve made. By the way, I simply cannot understand, how Apple can call his watch a sportwatch, if it does not contain gps sensor inside.

Notification on v800 Photo by Engadget

The new features of Polar will come in 3 months, so knowing Polar’s communication, it will come by May. Later, M400 watch will get the new functions, too. I can hardly wait.