I am always glad, when British scientists are capable of providing useful results to increase our efficiency, and also our well-being. Even back then in high school’s dormitory, more than 5 years ago, the arguing about how to use toilet paper seemed quite boring and endless, but contemplating it from scientific point of view with serious arguments, it gets a very unique, spicy flavor.

Proper usage type of toilet paper

A study (no links, sorry) written 2 years ago states, that people, who use toilet papers as it’s shown on second figure (x), use much more papers in average, than others with first figure approach. The reason is on the second picture: visibility is not as accurate in the second option as the first, so you always tear more papers, than you think you do based on your eyes’ perception.

Vision of tearing point and exact distance

Okay, this was kind of a funny post only, but being green and decrease, later completely avoid unnecessary usage of recources is key to save our environment.