Python is a good choice to learn

I have signed up for a Rice University’s course on Coursera, and successfully completed it about a year ago. Technically it had two parts, because administrators cut it to separated study blocks. After some programming experience, I was prepared to be a little bit bored, but the teachers always made my day with their special, in a way very funny attitude and good sense of humour, so at last it became really exciting. I can easily suggest this class to anyone, who is interested in Python, generally in programming or game developing.

Rice University, Spock game Teachers from Rice University playing Rock-Paper-Scissors-Lizard-Spock

You can see my homework codes on GitHub, feel free to try the games I coded, especially this one, which is kind of an Asteroid game coded in Python (sprites are not my work, those were provided by instructors, and I was grateful for that, because I wouldn’t draw such good effects). Press the little play button on the upper left corner. It is best in Google Chrome, have fun!

IT Business Analysis – be a bridge between business and devs

I’ve been Head of IT BA team for two months or so, and this transition period is very interesting and exciting in my life. In the last couple years I worked as a frontend engineer with strong technical focus, then some years as head of that team, but this is one is quite different: we need to understand business demands, have to translate into IT “language”, e.g. into a system or application design, which can developers can work from, and most importantly: deliver stuff in the end. I am not ashamed to learn from others, so beside case studies and own experiments, I also get information from traditional courses and instructors. This is why I tried to pick a training especially from someone, who is not near to our own organization, never saw our working process, and can teach me out-of-the box BA concepts. NorwalkAberdeen seemed to match these requirements with Fundamentals of Business Analysts.

IT BA course Understanding the business benefits

Even though the course is very short (couple hours of video with some homework and note taking exercises to understand and point out important things in a mass), it covers the most relevant elements of BA interviewing, requirement analysis, stakeholder and lifecycle management, agile, waterfall, SDLC, transforming needs, UML stuff (E-R, data flow, use-case, bpm), etc. with a deepdive opportunities, links for every topics. Rabbitholes are endless.

It’s definitely worth these really minimal invested hours!