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Being lazy means to me that from time to time I am trying to improve myself, my processes, how I live and work. Usually I like to think of myself as a really organized someone with knowledge about SMART goals, planning and measuring, GTD, focus on mental and physical well-being, daily routine, etc. Well, it turned out, I am not nearly that productive as I imagined. Are you?

Test yourself

Productivity means not only that you are fast and efficient in actually doing stuff, but being extremely clever about what you need to do to achieve your next big thing. It can be your promotion, more free time, hiring a new team member, or petting your dog in your very own garden. And guess what: it is also you, who needs to define this mentioned next milestone. Good leaders, managers, friends, family members can help in this obviously, but noone will know better than you!

In Chris Sparks’ test you will see 20 questions separated into 4 different topics. Every answer can be a number from 1 to 5. If you like to do it as a questionnaire, here you go, but if thinking about them is more than enough for you now, feel free. The questions are below.


VISION - Are you designing a life in alignment with your top values?

Do you have a life mission you want to achieve?

You have a direction in life that excites you. Your days feel alive and full of purpose.

Do you have a vision for your career?

You know where you want to be one year from now and clearly communicate that vision to others.

Do you have a consistent long-term review process?

You regularly reserve time to review wins, lessons, and opportunities in your life and career.

Do you have a consistent long-term planning process?

You regularly reserve time to define objectives, set actionable goals, and reallocate resources.

Do you keep track of your projects?

You track progress on the things that are most important to you. You have defined deadlines and clear objectives.


PRIORITIZATION - Are you moving your most important goals forward?

Do you plan and review your top priorities for the week?

You plan your weekly priorities in advance. You review progress at the end of each week.

Do you plan and review your top priorities for the day?

You know what you will work on before you get started. Your schedule is an accurate reflection of your day.

Do you work on your Top Priority first each day?

You know what you plan to accomplish and how you will get started. You delay email, phone, and reactive work until after your Top Priority.

Do you have control over your own schedule?

You have the ability to select your top priorities opportunistically. You can invest your time in what you think is most important.

Are you decisive?

You act quickly and decisively. You minimize procrastination on difficult or ambiguous tasks. You know how to to get yourself back on track.


SYSTEMS - Are you making everything you want to do, easier to do?

Do you leverage your time well?

You maximize your average hourly rate. You take steps to advance your career rather than just maintaining your position.

Do you manage and delegate well?

You document processes and streamline repeating tasks. You delegate lower-value tasks.

Does your physical workspace inspire you?

Your workspace supports deep focus and separation from home and personal tasks.

Do you track important metrics?

If it is important to your life or career, you are tracking it. Examples: health, time, habits, finances, business.

Do you have systems for learning?

Your personal development is intentional and systematic. You follow programs to train effectively. Your environment and information diet reflect your goals.


PRESENCE - Are you showing up as your best self, every day?

Do you start your day intentionally?

You have a consistent morning routine that sets a positive tone for the day. Examples: journaling, reading, planning, exercise, meditation, gratitude.

Are you focused?

You can concentrate on a single task. You minimize notifications and digital distractions. You check email and messages only at pre-selected times.

Do you prioritize your physical health?

You sleep well. You eat healthy food that makes you feel good. You regularly exercise and spend time outside. You minimize caffeine and alcohol consumption.

Do you prioritize mental health and recovery?

You take offline breaks. You have a diverse identity with hobbies and supportive friends. You have self-care practices to replenish your well-being.

Do you finish your days effectively?

You tie up loose ends at the end of the workday. Your evenings set tomorrow up for success. You have clear separation between work and your personal life.



How was it? Did you manage to become more conscious? For getting the result, you need to add up all numbers you chose. The max. collectible point is 100 (20 questions, 5 for each of it). According to Chris Sparks:

### If you scored

#### 70%+, Elite Performer [top 10% of executives]
- You have a clear vision of success and an actionable plan for achieving your goals.
- You track and continually iterate on what is working in your life and career.
- You invest your time on your top priorities in high-leverage ways.
- You have robust rituals and architecture in place to perform at your peak.

#### 50-69%, Leveling Up [top 30% of executives]

- You know what you want to achieve but lack clarity on how to get there.
- You track your progress but get distracted from taking effective actions to improve.
- You are productive but could streamline your processes and delegate more effectively.
- You have systems and habits in place but you aren’t having the desired results.

#### < 50%, Building the Foundation

- You lack clarity on your goals and what you value most in life.
- You often procrastinate on your top priorities by working on low-leverage tasks.
- You have challenges maintaining energy and focus throughout the day.
- You want better habits and supporting systems but don’t know where to begin.

What do you plan to do to improve your way of living now? Could you be better in any segments that questions just touched? 🤔

I wrote this article for Danubius Tech Blog originally.