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The Crucial Role of Employee Wellbeing in a Modern Workplace

Numerous research studies have consistently illustrated that an employee's physical, mental, and social health at work is inextricably linked to enhanced productivity and overall company performance. Thus, it's more than just a moral obligation; ensuring the holistic well-being of the workforce is a strategic imperative.

A Night of DevOps and Art: Merging Two Worlds

When we think of DevOps, art may not be the first thing that comes to mind. Yet, on a recent evening, we celebrated a unique fusion of the two, showcasing that at the heart of every innovation - whether it's in the tech industry or the art world - lies creativity, collaboration, and a spirit of continuous improvement.

Performance Assessment, Test

Being lazy means to me that from time to time I am trying to improve myself, my processes, how I live and work. Usually I like to think of myself as a really organized someone with knowledge about SMART goals, planning and measuring, GTD, focus on mental and physical well-being, daily routine, etc. Well, it turned out, I am not nearly that productive as I imagined. Are you?

Startup product development risks from technical PoV

You have a business vision, plan, market gap, good traction, and 2 externally hired developers will help you deliver the product. Not exactly, but why not?

How to have an effective 1on1, and why is it important?

What is an 1on1 meeting good for, and how to make it really great, where you can connect to your team member in many ways?

How can feature flagging help during release and customer experiments?

Covering a couple benefits of using feature flags in development from business and technical point of view as well.

Quick sports in the office

Run from the basement to the top in the stairway. How fast are you?

JBoss CXF problem with IIS SSL

Fairy techtale from bank operation point of view, where governmental organization is unavailable, they failed changing api, and still able to charge horrible fee.

Part-time job I didn't know about

When you are an HR or recruiter assistant and you are not afraid admitting it.

GIRO account numbers and related error detection

How does it work? Is it possible to transfer money, where we don't want to, bcause of a mistake or typo?