With some developers we had an indoor sports idea: between different code assignments or meetings, why do we not run up from the basement to our (5th) floor in the office? It can be absolved without sweat, not as easy as it might seem, but can prevent bad influence of all-day sitting at the desk.

Run up Szabi is sprinting to the top

Devs wouldn’t be devs, if a good race wasn’t established for this purpose. People are measuring their own time, there are some kind of race prerequisites and conditions (such as only the B staircase can be used due to size differences), but basically the whole thing is a big, friendly fun. My best time is 23,8 seconds for the mentioned 7 floors in suit (top was off), and even if it is good or bad, my pumping blood in my veins is a pretty good feeling, and afterwards all the thinking come must faster and more effectively.

Occupational safety is not on the table now, so maybe this idea cannot be recommended by HR officially, but come on, take care and run!